Backyard Toad in the Desert???

We were standing outside this morning, chatting as the puppies cowered between our legs to avoid going out in the rain.

My back was to the pool. I look over at Kevin and he says, “OH!…” and I see he’s looking at the pool behind me. I turn around and see something “swimming” and at first thought it was a very bloated mouse. My mind immediately went to calculating how many more mice were hiding somewhere, waiting…

Then he says, “No, it’s a toad!”.

Seriously? A toad in the desert? How does that even happen? Where do they live, where do they come from? Don’t know, but it makes a great photo op. It seems he had no way out of the pool as he was swimming along the edge, so Kevin “rescued” him. Of course 5 minutes later he was back in the pool! I then had to stalk the poor thing with my camera for the next 15 minutes.

He finally looked at me like, “NOW, will you leave me alone?”.