Newborn Photo Props and Fabric Backdrops FOR SALE


When I got into newborn photography it was basically so I had a reason to be around babies more often because I didn’t have any more time to have more of my own. At that time I had five. My sixth baby just turned one and now I barely have time to snap a photo of him much less all the other cuties out there. I am listing most of the newborn props and fabric background I had as a single lot. I do not have time to go through and list/sell/ship each item separately at this time. The fabric (except for the green grass) is, I think all large enough to be considered a backdrop, draped over a beanbag and/or clipped up on a short backdrop stand. I used to do both, drape it over the beanbag and clip it up on the stand. The dark purple fabric in the first photo might be a little smaller, but all the rest are pretty large pieces. You can look though my newborn category to see some of these props in use. The hats/props are all darling and all (except for the santa outfit) were handmade and purchased though Etsy.

Photo 1: Newsprint Fabric Hat, Gold Crown, Polka Dot Bowtie, Polka Dot Necktie, Bluebird Hat, Blue Owl Hat, Purple Fabric, Cream, Light Blue and Lavender Wraps

Photo 2: Lady Bug Bag and Hat, Green Grass Patch, Black Fleece

Photo 3: Light Blue Textured, Dark Gray Knit, Cream Fuzzy, Blue Minky, Purple Roses

Photo 4: Black Zippered Bag

Photo 5: Light Pink Ruffle Fabric, Pink Owl Hat

Photo 6: Pink Roses, Pink Wrap

Photo 7: Santa’s Favorite onsie and pants

Photo 8: 7 headbands and one clip

The total I paid for all of the items shown is $673.93

I am selling the lot for $425, including shipping. The box will weight around 20 lbs., shipping out of Mesa, AZ – but again – I will pay for all shipping. I can only sell/ship to a verified Paypal address within the 48 continental United States.

If you are interested in purchasing this lot, please contact me at Somewhere down the road if this lot does not sell as is, I may break it up and sell it locally.

Thank you!