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Newborn Photo Props and Fabric Backdrops FOR SALE

When I got into newborn photography it was basically so I had a reason to be around babies more often because I didn’t have any more time to have more of my own. At that time I had five. My sixth baby just turned one and now I barely have time to snap a photo of him […]

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Tempe, AZ Newborn Photographer – Meet the “P” TWINS!!!

If one is fun, then two are MASSIVELY, INSANELY AWESOMELY FUN!!! I used to always think I wanted twins. I’d switch back and forth on whether it would be cooler to have two identical boys, two identical girls or a boy/girl duo – as if I had much say in all of it. Before I […]

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One lucky little dude | Gilbert, AZ Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy and his family a few weekends ago. This little cutie will be so incredibly spoiled (in only the best ways) and protected by his FIVE sweet sisters. His mom and dad obviously know what they’re doing as their girls were not only adorable, but extremely polite as […]

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