It’s right around the corner and with it will come many new beginnings.

Tracy Eau Claire, Yellow Tulips on Black, Spring and New Beginnings

Good Morning

The sun rising over the desert never gets old. A new day filled with new opportunities. How will you use yours?

Waiting | Lifestyle Photography

Sometimes to get just the right shot you have to be patient. I sat with the camera up to my eye for a while. She started to ignore me, forgetting I was watching and waiting. She became immersed in the toy in her tiny little hands. She forgot about me for a moment. Then, I called her name. She looked, I clicked. I’m so happy I waited for her!


Coyote | Gold Canyon, AZ Wildlife

I usually like my wildlife encounters to consist of a little more fear. I like it when they are scared of me (I’m always scared of them!). This dude strutted around the yard like he owned the place. I’m standing right there and he couldn’t care less. He’s taking great pleasure in taunting my dog who thinks he’s just found a new friend.

My boy Scout – Mehagian Vizslas

Here is my boy, Scout. I purchased him in 2004 from Marge Mehagian of Mehagian Vizslas. He is my first dog and as he is getting a little older, I only wish I would have also purchased one of his brothers at the same time! He needs a buddy for his desert adventures, even if he’s too scared to venture more than 4 feet from our patio! He is the most gentle dog and loves everyone he meets – whether you want to love him back or not!

Mehagian Vizslas of Phoenix, AZ