Horse Riding Lessons Apache Junction, AZ

Not just horse “riding” lessons, but the whole enchilada – horsemanship lessons. I’ll tell you about Miss Rosemary in another post.  She deserves a post all her own. And I have a migraine limited my sight right this second. Can’t see a darn thing. I know where the keys are and hopefully I’m hitting most of them correctly. Flashing lights, squiqqly, zig-zag lines. it’s horrible, but I HAD to get these up! My sweet Katie bug actually got to ride a horse this week. The first week was orientation and today she rode a bit and rode a horse while he played a game of soccer!!! I’m more than a little bit jealous!

horsemanship lessons apache junction, az

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Sunset | Gold Canyon, AZ 2012

As I walked past the skinny side windows next to our double front doors, I literally gasped at the colors and the glow and the haze. The scene outside my front door was literally dripping with color and goodness.

All the littles were off doing their own thing so I quickly grabbed the camera and ever so quietly (It’s truly a skill ONLY I seem to have) turned the handle of the front door to step outside.

This quick snap is as close as I could hope to have recorded the moment. Yes, it could have been better with a better choice of lenses, but this is what I had to work with in this moment, not to mention that my sweet Canon 85 mm 1.2 is an absolute dream so why not?

This view never gets old.

What’s the view outside your front door – I’d love to see! Leave a link in the comments and I’ll drop by for an e-visit!


Tempe, AZ Newborn Photographer – Meet the “P” TWINS!!!

If one is fun, then two are MASSIVELY, INSANELY AWESOMELY FUN!!!

I used to always think I wanted twins. I’d switch back and forth on whether it would be cooler to have two identical boys, two identical girls or a boy/girl duo – as if I had much say in all of it. Before I had kids, I thought twins sounded “fun”. About 3 seconds after having my first baby, I realized wanting to inflict self-harm was not for me and I was just extremely grateful there was only one of her! I was lucky enough to carry on and help create 4 more little beings, but each and every time I was smart enough to know I could only handle one at. a time. (and there are times where that might be questionable!!).

The strong, beautiful, kind mother of these boys is the exact type of parent that should be charged with raising twin boys in this world. She is actually the mother of 4 children, 3 of them earth side. She cares for her children with an ease you don’t often see in a woman who has just given birth. She should have been tired (and she may have been but she surely didn’t show it). Heck, she should have been blindly exhausted. Instead she was gracious, welcoming and radiant. Her 4 year old daughter, Maya was my helper during the shoot and her energy, enthusiasm and love for her brothers was obvious.

These two little boys were a complete joy to photograph. When one was sleep and milked-up, the other was alert and ready to ham it up by eating his brother’s arm. The little expressions and smiles and stares were so much fun. If I lived *any* closer to this family, I would be begging them to let me come snuggle these boys regularly. But if they ever find themselves near my neighborhood, I’d be happy to steal them for a bit!!!

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. P for the opportunity to meet Kenny, Alex and Maya!


TEmpe, AZ newborn photographer twins

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newborn photographer tempe, az

AZ children

I should apologize to him now. But he was so sweet to put up with a crazy bluebird hat!

newborn photo props - knit crocheted hat bluebird, AZ newborn photographer


maricopa, AZ newborn photos

Is this not priceless? What is he thinking?

baby twins - one happy, one crying

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One lucky little dude | Gilbert, AZ Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy and his family a few weekends ago. This little cutie will be so incredibly spoiled (in only the best ways) and protected by his FIVE sweet sisters. His mom and dad obviously know what they’re doing as their girls were not only adorable, but extremely polite as well. They so graciously kept me company while I set up and they were genuinely nice to be around. Thank you H family for inviting me into your home to meet all of you!

Newborn Baby Photographer Mesa, Gilbert, East Valley AZ


newborn baby boy photography Phoenix AZ

And, while Mr. Nathan was the perfect model, he was also quite bored with me.:)

sleepy baby boy photograph mesa, AZ newborn photographer